Was he being friendly or flirty?

I can never tell with a guy.
He’d compliment me telling me I smell really good.
He leaves his kiosk (job) to go stand close to me and talks really loud. I guess so I can pay attention to him because he has a low voice when I’m talking to him.
He asks personal questions like if he’d known me forever (we don’t know each other) And I must admit I also feel like I’ve known him all my life. I don't know it’s weird.
He goes out of his way to walk by me.
He stares and glances at me a lot.
he maintains eye contact and smiles at me.
Other people tell me he looks at me a lot. Even my mom tells me “look that guy over there keeps glancing at you” lmao.
He recently went out of his way to TELL me he was going to start giving me discounts at him job. He wasn’t even the one taking my order lol. That little encounter between was odd because he got all in my personal space. All his co workers smiled when he said that to me. And now even If he’s not the one taking my order he tells the person at the register “give her the discount”. I think he gives me the employee discount which he KNOWS I don’t work there.
Was he being friendly or flirty?
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