Do u think he likes me?

Most of u know about the guy ( my crush) and my story as he used to like me then I tried to make him jealous and he started to talk to other girls, one girl felt in love with him even though she has a boyfriend and the question is does he like her or not? And does he like me?
Last week I stalked him and looked at him from the window coz I know they both ( him and her) will be out with their friends , I was inside and he was outside I saw him walking she was in front of him and she was talking to his best friend but he passed her and walked before them. He walked very fast then he started to slow down, I'm not sure if he tried to look or not but I think he did, then he walked without even talking to her even though she is his friend ! . Then I was walking out and I saw the guy that I tried to make him jealous with near me and walking before me, ( he is very tall) so I looked a bit and I started to comapare my length with his but at the mirror then he walked from a door and I walked from another and the guy I like was behind us. When I was going to the door, the guy I like came and walked near me then stopped walking at front of me then walked a bit and stopped, he looked at the door out ( she walked out before one minute so maybe he was looking at her or he looked because I was going to walk out of that door coz he usually do that or he was trying to show me that he is looking at her as I looked at the other guy and he was behind me when I did it ), he also saw my sister after 1 year and he was about to drink water but he stopped and he looked at her! .
I told one girl about him and if he likes any girl she said that she doesn't think so coz she doesn't think he speaks too much ( but when he is near me I see him always talking to people!) .
Do u think he likes me or he likes the other girl?
Do u think he likes me?
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