Do guys delete their ex-FRIENDS who are GIRLS on social media?

I don't mind if you answer the question in the title or help me with my situation, which is related. Either would help! :D

Basically I had a huge crush on this guy. He would refer to me as his "close friend" or "best friend", which always hurt me because I've always liked him as something more. I tried not making it obvious, like when he says, "That girl is hot" or "Your friend is so pretty", I would hide my feelings and shrug it off. But sometimes it slipped and I'd make it obvious that I'm mad, such as when I saw his ex's name on his phone, or when he would ask for advice on a girl he was crushing on. Once he caught on, though, he never asked stuff like that again.

He asked me out to lunch, dinner and coffee on four separate occasions and I remember those being the happiest moments of my life because it seemed like we were on a date, even though I knew he only thought of me as a friend. He would mention me in his future, how he wants to go to the same college as me, be roommates, how we'd work in the same fields and sometimes talk as if we were going to have kids together. I liked him so much that I overthinked every little thing he did and said to the point where I honestly just lost myself - I knew I wasn't his "type" of girl, but I still held onto the belief that maybe someday things will change.

So recently we had a huge argument and fall-out. We didn't speak for about a month, but recently he texted me asking how I've been. I told him I didn't want to be friends with someone flaky and unreliable, and he said he was "cool with that". A new guy recently asked me out to dinner and movies, so I posted a picture of me and him at dinner on my Snapchat story. My ex-friend saw it and deleted me.

I'm curious - from a guy's perspective, why would he do that if he's "cool" with us not being friends, and if he didn't like me in the romantic sense? I thought it was norm for guys to delete their exes off social media, not friends.
Do guys delete their ex-FRIENDS who are GIRLS on social media?
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