Does His Behavior Require a Restraining Order?

He came to my house randomly after drifting apart. We were friends, some thought dating, in high school. We labeled us friends, but kinda lead each other on. I’ve grown and matured since then. Upon his revival, he hasn’t.

Just like in high school he pestered my parents who answered the door (and me over text) if I made any friends and if I caught up to this certain level on the social life scale. It seems innocent, but there’s judgement rather than concern. His goal always was to get a negative reaction out me for his benefit. He questions my weaknesses and acts like a helicopter parent with intentions for an ego boost assuming I’ll always feed into it.

I contacted another friend for advice. She’s turned off by his possible selfish intentions for wanting to reconnect. She says I don’t owe him anything and that he’s a stalker for coming to my house, calling me and texting me.

Her advice: Tell him to screw off, block his # and get a restraining order.

I don’t agree! Even though his intentions may be selfish, I don’t think he’s harassing me. Sometimes I joke about it, but don’t think it requires a restraining order.

What do you think? Should go against my friend's wishes and return his call OR risk being sucked back into his modus operandi just the way as it was before?
Does His Behavior Require a Restraining Order?
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