friends with benefits catching feelings?

I have been seeing a friend with benefits for about 7 months now but I can’t tell if he actually likes more than he’s admitting. When we have sex he’s always saying how sexy I am during sex and he gives me hickies on my back that hurt for a week. I always get the feeling he wants to kiss me but he doesn’t. Also one time I told him he was the second guy I’ve been with and he asked if I was seeing someone else and I said I was but that I’m not anymore. He said good because he knew I was seeing someone else and was going to end it because of that! Like what? We are only friends with benefits so I’m confused. And one time when we were having sex he said you only having sex with me right? I said yes! But it’s so many mixed signals. We have never even been on a date or anything also. Do you think he has feelings?
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friends with benefits catching feelings?
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