How can someone be this much men-hating?

So, he is our teacher, we have girls only in the class, here are some things he says -
"Everyone, you shouldn't hang out with boys."
"I don't think men and women should be friends. Only men-men, and women-women friendships are acceptable"
"If every boy treated every girl like his sister, that would be so nice, a boy cares for his sister a lot, but let me tell you, while your brother may care for you, but he must be harassing other girls."
"If I caught you talking with boy, I'll beat you up!"
"You people are in contact with boys even if I told you not to, right? He will certainly harass you in the future," he added in mocking voice, "Heeyy, I know your husband, if you won't have sex with me, I'll tell your husband that you have had sex with maaanyyy people!"
"All men are stupid, women are more intelligent."
"I don't let my daughter talk to boys too."
"If a boy has a bike, he must have had earned it through bad ways, for example, stealing!"

According to him, all men are satan, devil, dangerous, stupid EXCLUDING him! And all women are pretty, innocent, pure angels!

The irony is he's a man, yet he hates men this much and is spreading misandry.

He's married and is 48 years old.
We are 18-19 years old.
Ha, I've seen worse.
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Oh yes, of course, stay away from all men!
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I pity him, he is pathetic.
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Who the heck cares?
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Hey, he's right... I really agree with him.
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You must be from some third world country.
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How can someone be this much men-hating?
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