Was he looking for something?

I'm on vacation in another country and so my friends and I met up with a mutual guy friend living in that country. He said he wanted to give us a tour and so asked one of his friends who's a native of the country to meet up with us aswell.
We went to a restaurant and had some drinks. The guy kept staring at me when I wasn't looking and never looked away from my eyes when we talked. He talked to me a little more because I'm the one who understands and speaks his language the best in the group of girls I came with (but he mostly spoke in English). We ended the night by taking funny pictures in a place designed for that and he seemed kind of too shy to get close but would stick to me when he got the chance to. Also we could customise the pictures we took and he kept putting cute bows, hearts and a crown on my side of the pics.
There was a moment in the restaurant when he talked to our guy friend in his language but we couldn't understand and so my friend asked them what they were talking about, even thought it's none of our business, and none of them wanted to answer. Then the native guy gave his friend a look as if asking for approval and asked us our age keeping me as the last girl to answer.

Do you think he was just trying to change topics or was he interested and wanted to see if our ages would match (I'm 19 and he's 26 years old)?

Also by his looks I would've said he looked interested but my friend told me that when I was at the bathroom he started saying that he has a girlfriend and that she's pretty so I don't know... Thoughts?
Was he looking for something?
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