How come he acts like I don’t exist?

I’ve liked this guy for years. He knew at one point, and i used to have him on snap. ( still do, but at one point somehow he got deleted from my list?). In class that we had, we were partnered SEVERAL times, and he even wanted to volunteer to be my partner when my other friends paired up and i couldn’t join their group.
Whenever he was near me, he’d act as if he was SUPER SHY (he’s usually less introverted). But he would make jokes and make me laugh, and offer to take my books back and forth, fix his hair, and also (this threw me off... but he couldn’t keep eye contact with me for so long (he avoided it most of the time.) he also shakes subtly near me. Anyways.

I never really had the courage to go up and talk to him just to get to know him. I am shy, so I’m very afraid. My friends told me that i should make more of a move, and suggested snapping him.

ok so usually when i tried sending him streaks in the past he’d just open them and replay them.

My friends came up with this message they thought o should send to him saying that he was in a few of my classes over the years and i thought that he was cool.

And it really made me sad and threw me off , since he asked “what classes did we have this year?”

I knew he was probably joking bc he has that sense of humor but why is he saying that when it’s obvious that he knew what class i was in with him when he constantly looks at me in class and such?
so i said the class we had and he just left me on read.

I don’t know and understand? He acted like he liked me at school the times we were together and now this is throwing me off?
How come he acts like I don’t exist?
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