Shall I go or not?

So there is this gym friend, like we don’t know each other too well but we have partied and like gone for a movie. So he asked me yesterday that Friday you wanna go out? so then I was like I don’t mind, then he is like sort and we are taking a table and then he asks me if I wanna get a few people? Then I asked him who all, then he is like few of his friends who I have already met. Today he texted asking whether if I am in for sure tonight and I wasn’t sure if any of my friends could come cause they had other plans and like some may be going out of town. Also my driver isn’t there tomorrow night, so I just asked him how he is going, he is like probably cab, so then I asked him if you wanna go together and he is like yea, then I just told him that my friends can’t come cause they have other plans and some of them are going out town. He replied say “oka fine”. So shall I still go with him and his friends or shall I go another time? Am I just over thinking, cause I feel I am. Also, like it’s not piling on right? He asked me if I wanted to come, it’s not like I self invited myself.
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Please please please can someone reply?
Shall I go or not?
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