What does it mean when a guy plays with your hair?

I dont know if he likes me but he lives in my neighborhood and what I have noticed is he is kinda quiet around me. He looks at me and seems like he is shy. There was one time he came over when I was hanging out with my friend and I was getting ready to leave and he gave me a hug and he asked me if I could take him to the store I told him I had somewhere to be and he said ok.

When he said this he was speaking softly. Well I was hanging out with multiple people last night and he walked over its like wherever I am someone tells him and he shows up. He was pretty quiet and he sat next to me. We locked eyes with each other but I looked away cause I was a little shy. He let me have some of his drink and he came behind me with his guy friend and I was distracted and felt someone playing with my hair. I knew it was him it felt gentle when he did this and I was blushing.

I remeber awhile ago he told me to my face he had a crush on me for a long time but I thought he was joking. So I left and when I got to the house his friend called me and asked me of I made it to the house and I told him yes. But I was amazed he did this tho I never really had a guy do that to me. What do you think?
What does it mean when a guy plays with your hair?
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