Creepy guy, what should I do?

I met this guy on tinder (first time using the app) and so a few days ago we met up at a bar. We talked for about an hour and while he seemed like a nice guy, I didn't feel any spark or chemistry between us. I was honesty board and at times he would make me feel slightly uncomfortable. For example, within meeting me in the first 10 minutes, he already started planning our 2nd date 🙈. Halfway through the date, he says that on Thursday we're going out to eat. I responded with a nervous laugh and he then said that the correct response was Yes, I'll go out with you.

Fast forward to this morning. He texts me if we are still on for dinner. I responded with that, unfortunately, I can't go. He then asks if I'm free another day, like tomorrow. I was busy and unable to respond. A few hours later, I told him that while I had a good time, I don't think it would work out for me right now. I wished him all the best.

That being said, since then he has been sending me rude texts that I don't know if it would warrant verbal harassment. He first said something sarcastic, like lol it took you 3 hours to come up with it. He also said, how could someone say no to dinner and that he hasn't eaten in 2 days and lastly that I should be more open. Just recently, he texted me asking why I didn't laugh at his joke (apparently, the not eating was supposed to be a joke 🙈). He ended it telling me he has a question, if I would like to hear it.

What should I do? Did I do anything wrong?
Creepy guy, what should I do?
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