Why is he like that? HOW DOES HE FEEL?

He’s a close guy friend of mine, he is so possessive and controlling over me he’d tell me not to pose in a seductive way in pics or show cleavage, not let people disrespect me and not smoke or drink. (We actually fought a lot over him being mad about me showing too much skin).

Sexual attarction:
But he’s sexually attracted towards me i guess (not sure), he had a sex dream about me and we traded half naked pics for a while until I put an end to it because I wasn’t comfortable ( he was IN LOVE with my curves lol) and he said he thinks I look sexy asf after I lost weight

he gives me a lot of compliments and stay late with me when my driver is 2 hours away from picking up and we stay stranded in the streets. He asked me to our prom in uni (this thing we did) and made a major gesture in my birthday.

But then claims I’m his SISTER... how does he fucking feeellllll!!!
1 y
He has a “ fuck buddy” at the moment and they’re best friends so I’m not so sure about how he feels towards me after I found out that piece of info
Why is he like that? HOW DOES HE FEEL?
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