Do you think he likes me?

There's this guy I've been talking to on and off since March. When I say talking, I don't mean flirting or anything, just simply talking in general. The thing was, he's kind of a boring texter; one of those boys who usually give two words replies.

I stopped liking him for awhile because we didn't make any attempts to talk in person which was weird but I think it's because we were both shy. (He's actually super outgoing at school and I know this because we had lunch together).

So last month at our employee party I stopped by him and kinda made some small talk, and it went fine, but later at the party when we saw each other neither of us said anything to each other. (I hoped he'd start a convo).

Then we kinda stopped talking again.

Now on my past few snapchat stories, he'll slide up and say something and we text a little. (For example, the one day I posted a video on my story and he slid up and asked "How are you still working?" cause it was around 10 p. m )
Also, we were talking yesterday and he somehow knew I didn't take Spanish in school, but I never mentioned that.

I don't think he has much experience talking to girls, so I don't know if his blunt replies are just how he texts, or if he's not super interested or something.
Do you think he likes me?
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