How should I interpret this?

1 )
Asking if I want a hug

2 ) Him: We both know you don't have friends ;)
Me: You caught me! Party with me, myself and I :(
Him: Awh, I want to visit you so you won't have to be alone

3 ) Him: cute penguin
Me: Just like me *hairsweep*
Him: Ofcourse

4 ) He was gaming and I asked if it would be easy to create a cult with people you meet in game. And he said: " Nah I don't think so, the most compatible people live near me. That's why I gave up on you, because you're too far away."

=> He just recently started saying these kind of things. He told me he doesn't try dating and asking people out because he doesn't want to deal with rejection.
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Flirty - teasing (as friends)
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Flirty - liking
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I dunno
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How should I interpret this?
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