Wtf is up with this guy's weird behaviour around me? It's driving me nuts?

Whenever he talks to me his behaviour is different. He acts kinda awkward, weird, sometimes even formal. He stumbles across his words and it's like he's having a hard time thinking (even when I ask something simple). Other times he can be friendly but then I get the feeling that he's talking too much. One day he completely ignores me then the next day he talks to me a lot. What's up with his weird behaviour? He's not like this with other girls and is totally comfortable around them. His behaviour with them is totally consistent unlike it is with me.

I gave him my number 2 weeks ago (so that he could send me some notes) and he seemed very eager to take my number. We talked to each other a lot that day in class. He immediately sent me those notes as soon as he reached home (he lives far away) and I was surprised that he sent them to me so fast.

Ever since he got my number I noticed that he would always be the first one to view all my status updates (within 10 min) but in person he would act uncomfortable, awkward, and kinda formal with me. This week he again was the first one to view my updates but a few days ago he suddenly disappeared from WhatsApp. His contact is not on WhatsApp anymore and he even exited our class group. I found out that he had changed his number and I'm not on his contact list anymore. So I decided that I won't talk to him ever again but this week when we had class (yesterday and today) he was talking to me on his own.

I thought he didn't want to talk to me that's why he deleted my number. I even accidently burned my tongue while drinking coffee outside class today and he immediately hurried over to me with my friend to check up on me and showed a lot of concern. After that too he talked to me a few more times. What does all this mean? I don't know how to behave with him anymore. I'm still upset with him for deleting my number.
Wtf is up with this guy's weird behaviour around me? It's driving me nuts?
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