He hates me and dont understand why really?

Hi, I am confused
I have been dating this guy for about 3 months it ended a couple of months ago when he said he sees me as a friend
It was a deep connection , very Nice etc and we were also intimate
I took a few weeks off him and then i agreed to stay friends
We saw each other and friends in a bar he was hugging me, introducing me proudly to everyone etc then a guy flirted with me and he suddenly left home , the next day he was cold and slightly ignored me
When i asked him why he said ' not at all upset with you and i am glad we are friends Thought you did not wanted to be'
Anyway few weeks down the Road I am going to a conférence work where he is going too. In the end i décidé not to go and made it public on instagram he dm me immediately asking me why? And to Come and travel with him and his team (means for free and with him for 24 hours trip way in back. which was really sweet and kind
Happen That he was very cold with me and complaining about every little thing i did ( the sandwiches i made for the trip were not good and the soft drinks were not good neither :() he was kinda distant. no eye contact etc and never has been like That Then on site he never tried to reach out , did not replied my few text to meet up on after work drinks
The last night there was a work party and he came to hug me then was trying to avoid me then kissed a girl in front of me. I then started to kiss a Man too. I saw him staring at me From afar very intensely
The next day we returned on trip back for 12 hours again cold no eyes contact , not talking to me etc.
I saw him a few Times looking at my body and one Time he said i was pretty. Out of the blue then he left me home and said take care of yourself lets hang out sometimes lol haha
And That was it
I dont understand why he asked me to Come on this trip if it was to be mean From the begining? Whats the problem here? Thank you
He hates me and dont understand why really?
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