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Say you're a good, honest loyal guy, and always have been. One night stands and friends with benefits never appealed to you, and you have always been searching for something real, love. You're a decent looking guy, polite, honest, hardworking, and intelligent, but you have a problem with articulating your thought into words, and find it difficult to even finish a single sentence without being awkward about it. And what if this simple, yet frustrating problem has left you alone and miserable because not a single woman has given you a chance in over 10 years because of it? What would you do? Onine dating? Been there. Ask friends for help? Done that. I've tried everything I can think of, and I'm at the end of my rope. Is there ANY way out of this solitary hell?


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  • Can this problem with articulating your thought into words never be solved?

    • Nothing I've tried in my 30+ years in life has worked, and it definitely isn't for lack of trying. Is that all it really takes to attract a woman though? "Appearing" confident while speaking? I've had deep, meaningful conversations with woman in my own awkward way of course, and we both seem to enjoy talking to one another, but when I show any romantic interest at all, they say they are uncomfortable, or just want to be friends. Are really there no other options, or are guys like me just doomed

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    • I've done that before.. and had it done to me. Honestly, it's slightly annoying for the attentive listener when it occasionally happens.. I can't imagine dealing with that in every sentence spoken. Isn't that a short-term memory loss problem rather than being awkward?

    • Like I said, there's more to it. My memory is ok, my brain is just too fast for my mouth to keep up, and when my mouth forgets a word, my brain just loses track of everything lol

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  • Ask more than 3 women. 1 out of 200 for me touches my penis.


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