Why would my ex say that I was too good for him and then go on to not appreciate me?

It crushes me to be told that I wasn't being appreciated. My ex said that he had me, and he knew I was a good woman, but he took me for granted anyway. I also knew he had good and bad qualities (as does everybody else) but even when the bad qualities/bad times started to outweigh the good, I STILL appreciated things as simple as sitting next to him, or watching TV with him, or being his supporter. I dont understand why he would tell me that there was nothing wrong with me, and yet he could still see nothing in me worth loving the way I loved him. I dont think I'm perfect, I take accoubtability for more than my fair share or mistakes. I apologize far too often, and I overthink, and I'm messy at home, and I could hustle harder, and I'm emotional, and I'm either boring or a goofball (no in between) and I'm always trying to be perfect. I'm not perfect at all, not even close, but I definitely gave him everything I had. I know I was good to him because all I had in me to give to him was love. I never hated him even when he was doing me wrong. I couldn't hate him if I wanted to... and I wanted to tbh. I felt weak asf for loving him and blaming myself so much. But from his own mouth he told me "You are as perfect as you can be. You need to stop trying to be perfect all the time because your already unlike any girl I have ever met. On the outside your gorgeous, but its your heart that is so unlike anybody elses. You're really a beautiful person and dont ever let anybody tell you different. Not me or any other man, or anybody at all for that matter. Dont ever think that your not good enough because you're actually too good for me. Don't question yourself anymore no matter how I act, and dont ever change. I can't say anything bad about you because there is nothing bad about you, even with your imperfections your still more than a guy like me could ask for."

How could a guy say this and then go on to treat that girl like she doesn't matter? Why did he take me for granted?
Why would my ex say that I was too good for him and then go on to not appreciate me?
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