Why do I always attract married men?

I’m 29 and I’ve generally always been told I’m pretty or cute but I’m definitely not a model or anything.
I say all that to say I feel like I’m a pretty average and not exuding some sort of overtly sexual vibe. All that being said I feel like I constantly attract married/committed men. Since I was 18 - married men have constantly hit on me or tried to strike up secret relationships with me. Is this something all women experience? I don’t get what’s going on here because it seems like available men are never interested in me. I don’t feel like I put off slutty vibes and I’ve never responded to any of these advances but I just don’t understand why NO SINGLE men are ever interested in me... yet married men are always trying to put the moves on me. Do all women experience this?
What am I doing wrong here?
Why do I always attract married men?
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