What is the first sign someone is losing interest?

What is the first sign someone is losing interest?

If someone is losing interest should you even try to keep their interest?

What actions should someone take to keep that interest?

Should you just let them be and give them time?


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  • I think it's different in different situations.

    If you know this person a really long time and you hang out with her all the time, you should give her some space. Don't flirt too much (or even at all) and just be yourself. If she likes you she'll be afraid of loosing you and she'll perhaps do something to prevent that from happening (if not then I suggest you just tell her how you feel).

    BUT if this girl that you like came into your life suddenly and you don't see her that often, then if you don't keep in touch at all and it seems like she's loosing interest she'll completely lose that interest if she doesn't hear from you at all. (given that she has a life, sees other people.another prospect may appear).

    Personality plays an important role in these situations, that's why it's always different.

    For a guy, it's mostly the 'leave alone' part that works. If you leave him alone, he'll go crazy about you.thinking what it is you do when you're not with him, are you thinking of him and if not, then why not.

    For a girl, she likes to be pampered, or at least shown that you've got an interest in her as well, because if you just ignore her, she'll likely move on, because she doesn't want a guy who'll just string her along for enormous periods of time without her having something 'to show for' (meaning ultimately a relationship).

    First sign of someone losing interest in you is if she doesn't call you as much as she used to, she doesn't text you, contact you in any way. (If she does it's mostly really short and kind of just a formality). She just doesn't contact you as much as before. She sometimes doesn't answer your calls or text messages. When you try to contact her she won't exactly run over to the phone to answer it (like she used to).

    She'll be colder in everyday conversations, or she'll talk about what's going on with her (and mention a guy-who's real btw!-) hehe.

    She just doesn't even think about you almost at all any more. You'll know this is happening if when you call her, she answers and doesn't recognize your voice or it takes some time for her to remember who you are.

    There are many signs. I just can't think of them all right now.


    • Ok, lets go with the 2nd situation. Just recently met. "if you don't keep in touch at all and it seems like she's loosing interest she'll completely lose that interest" So the guy should stay intouch, but in which ways? give her space? don't be readily available? have a little patience?

    • The best possible way to get close to her without smugging her is to get with her 'gang'. Befriend someone who you two mutually know and just start hanging out all together more often. If you already do have a mutual friend, then the situation is clearer and a little bit easier. So just hang together, don't make it all about her, you really have to like this other person (the friend), because if you're doing it all just to connect with her, it will be pretty obvious...

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  • waw.u know I've been asked the same q by almost all of my friends 4 the past 2 weeks now.n it's getting crazy around me:P.

    i'll tell you what I've been telling everybody else.

    see. if you think that person z ur soul mate or ur perfect match 4 sure I'd recommend that u'd look 4 the real reasons around him/her losing their interest.like if they hv so many traits and qualities u'r sure that you won't find in any 1 else or it'd be hard 4 you 2 find in any1 else 4 sure you should do ur best 2 fix the situation and find out what's up.

    there are so many signs.but you know we can't generalize anything caz 4 every rule there's an exception.lossing interest in having sex z 1 .ignoring.being distant and keeping a safe zone away.act buzy all the time.smtimes its being picky and trying 2 pick a fight on each and every little thing.being nervous and irritated around u.

    what 2 do 2 keep it going?! smtimes we lose ourselves in work.responsibiliaties.so we becm sm1 else.try 2 look into yourself.r you the same?.hv you changed?.

    n smtimes its the routein that makes people lose interest.so try 2 hv a make over.new look.in appearrance and in actions.as in the places you go 2 and hang out in.the things you do when you go out.try new things.be creative.read books if you can't cm up wth smth.light the passion again.THAT IF You THINK THAT THIS PERSON Z WORTH IT.WORTH HANGING ON 2.otherwise.just let go.

  • It's an interesting question that I've wondered about also but concerning guys not girls. Especially if a girl is dealing with a long distance interest (which I am). But like they said, it depends on the situation.

  • they talk to you less, don't want to hang out much. As far as getting there interest back, just tell them how you feel, if that doesn't work give them time and space and they will come around

  • Well I know when I lose interest I don't call as much or hang.Really doing less of what we do

    You could try and keep their interest if they mean that much to you that you'll give up your time

    to keep interest do special things flowers; or take out somewhere do something new

    giving time will really make you lose interest to and they'll lose even more

    ~but its different for everyone~

  • They don't answer your calls or return them and when they do it's a couple of days later.

    Texting is very simple. and doesn't make any convo with you at all.

    got it KIDDD?! ha

  • In my experience, the first sign is spending less time with you. They begin spending a lot more time with friends, instead of with you. What I did was just give him some time, he came back around when I became less available too.

  • Im dealing with this righ tnow actually I have a guy who likes me and I don't like him I used to but I don't anymore I'm over the crush so I'm jsut trying to give him hints without hurting his feelings. The way we show were not into a guy anymore is not tlaking as much or responding wiht short answers always have a reason not to go somewhere with them etc.


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