Does my work friend like me or is he just friendly?

Hi, okay so I am a bit confused about this guy. First a little back story, I have been at this job for about half a year now and I have known him the whole time but I am a bit shy and so I didn’t talk to him too much. I also am seeing someone currently, we have been seeing each out for about 5 months now and for the last 3 months it’s been long distance. Now the guy I am seeing is great and while we are going through some issues with the 3hr time difference I’m not planning on leaving him for this other guy.

My issue though is that this other guy and I started talking a lot, potentially friendly flirty but nothing inappropriate. Anyways out of state guy was coming to visit and work guy found out from mutual friends (I wasn’t trying to hid it, it just never came up). So he mentioned it and now he isn’t talking to me as much. He didn’t accuse me of anything just now I am wondering if he feels I lead him on? I still want to be friends though because we do get along and I also don’t want to assume he likes me, in fact I assumed he didn’t... even though I always assume that and have been proven wrong. I guess I’m just not really sure what to think.
Quick update: I thought the guy at work knew I had a boyfriend as I have brought him up before. So I don't know if maybe he thought we broke up? That being said my boyfriend and I aren’t that serious and I don’t feel the need to yell at everyone I talk to that I have a boyfriend as there are usually more interesting things to talk about.


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  • girls who are serious about their boyfriends bring them up in conversations. you've been flirting with this guy for 5 months and never mentioned you were taken? this new guy is going to look at you differently because of this.

    • No sorry I should have added that, I’ve talked with him about my boyfriend before and we didn’t start talking really talking till a month ago. I just didn’t mention the dates he was coming to visit, but I figured he knew I had a boyfriend.

    • then he probably thought you were getting less serious with him, and was trying to pick up where your boyfriend was leaving off. since your boyfriend is obviously still very in the picture, he might've gotten a little hurt about it. being a male, he doesn't want this to show the next time you two interact with each other. let him get over it.

  • He likes you


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