Why does he stare at me all the time but talks to every girl but me?

So I’ve had some history with a guy for a few years but I’ve always been shy towards him bc were in different social groups. He knows I’ve liked him and I’ve said to him that he was cool over snapchat. We’re in a class together this year and every year he seems to gaze into my eyes across the classroom and when we talk (the few times that we have) he seems shy and different. I went to a football game last night but i saw that he was talking to all these other girls and it made me sad. I’m assuming they’re all just friends but I’ve heard some of the girls talk about my crush like he is their crush too. This boy stares at me everyday with a soft facial expression and it seemed like he liked me but was shy and it’s very obvious but I’m so confused?
* the times we’ve talked is when we were partnered in a class a few times. He could rarely make eye contact with me up close which was weird to me bc he stares at me a lot across the classroom and looks away when i look back at him


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  • Personally my talking skill with girls goes down the drain if i like them. with the result that i avoid talking to girls i like. maybe he's the same


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