Why do I have these random bouts of depression and "anti survival thoughts"? I can't fucking take it anymore! Help me?

I'll be fine for weeks and then some days, it just HITS me.

One small bad thought or discouragement just sends me spiraling down a dark path surrounded by negative thoughts about myself and how I should just end it.

It usually strikes at work or on my days off. Whenever, really.

I just wait them out. Let the bad thoughts bleed out and I'll be fine the next day.

What'W wrong with me? Can I not handle or process my emotions good enough? Am I crazy? Am I just another narcissistic asshole?

If what I am feeling isn't supposed to be real to stronger, better people, why does it hurt so bad?


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  • Perfectly normal. Drink yourself stupid. By the time you recover the depressive thoughts should have subsided for a few days. Repeat as necessary.


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