Do you feel that the man is doing a woman a favor and a good deed by saying he isn't good for her AFTER they have sex and after she falls in love?

Sex may not mean something to everybody but to people like me, its special. Actually, it was my first time. When I read "The Spectacular Now" plot summary I sympathized with Aimee. I may not have watched the damn movie but I know how it feels to fall in love and THEN the guy decides your too good - your just too sweet and too loving and too good - to love somebody like himself. But by time he decides that he "doesn't want to hurt you" the damage is done. The news that he wants out gets harder to accept with each time he tells you "you deserve better." You think to yourself that it just doesn't make any sense. It feels like he has been lying to you and is just trying to find an easy out. You think "Sex couldn't have been bad, could it? Was it something I said? Did I do something to make him hate me all of a sudden?" The saddest thing is that while he is telling you that he loves you and that you deserve better, he seems genuine. No matter how much you blame yourself for not being good enough, he still, as he is breaking your heart, manages to seem sincere as he tells you "Its not you. You're actually too good for me." And you just think that you got your heart broken for nothing. You didn't even do anything wrong! You did everything RIGHT and the guy you love does not want you because after he has enjoyed the benefits of having a quote on quote "girl that is too good for him", he decides to ignore your wasted time and broken heart and do you the favor of leaving you alone. Why did he think leaving me alone was better than loving me, if he loved me the way he consistently claimed to. The fucked up part is knowing that the ONLY way it could have been avoided is if instead of meeting you, he would have met a girl who wasn't like you. Maybe she would be less kind, less forgiving, less appreciative. Regardless, he could love her wholheartedly, because he wouldn't have to feel like she was too good for his love.


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  • He’s not doing a good deed because that’s using a women. I hate that, like why even do things just say things prior and no one will fall deep for someone smh

    Can you answer my recent one please? It’s on my page


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