What if a guy went his whole life believing he was hideous and ugly and could never get a girlfriend?

But it was all in his head
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  • Wait, he's right. And it isn't in his head he's still ugly and cheap.

  • He has low-self esteem. To the best of my knowledge, quite a lot of women consider low-self esteem to be a very unattractive quality in a man.

    Low-self esteem may be a symptom of depression. My advice to him would be: The change begins with you. Change your attitude, and be more confident. Being more confident might sometimes mean that you have to behave contrary to how you feel. If you're afraid, act brave in spite of being afraid. If you think you're ugly, work on yourself to look better. Push forward and struggle the best you can be.

    • I have tried truth is I have been called repulsive since middle school now it’s burned in my head

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    • Why?

    • Take responsibility for your actions or lack thereof.

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