How can I tell if a guy misses me over texts?

I got volunerable (which I hate doing) and told him I was excited to see him today because it had felt like a long time. It’s been a week.

He told me, “it has been a long week xP” was that his way of saying he missed
me too?


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  • It's hard to tell if that's the only conversation you have, try texting a few times, see if he actually gives you a call instead of texting. But don't call him first, try sending some signals over text so he ilcan make a move if he's interested. If he doesn't, don't wait for him.

    • I mean we’ve been going on dates for about a month and a half. We also text every day. It’s just been about a week since we last physically saw each other and it feels like forever

    • Go out on a few more dates... talk to him morebto find out.

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