Does he like me? What should I do next?

So I met this guy at the start of the year we get on really good he is 7 years older than me. We’ve met up a few times for coffee, lunch or just a chat. He always responds to my messages. We both got invited to a party for a mutual friend who is much younger than him so I presumed he wouldn’t go. However he did and we spent 6 hours together. I asked him later that night if he would have gone if I didn’t and he said he probably would have only gone for an hour. Does this mean he went for me? After the party started to wind down I asked him if I could stay the night originally I had plans to sleep on a mattress but ended up sleeping with him at least one part of our bodies touching all night which he didn’t seem to be bothered didn’t move away. There are many opportunities where he could have said no or made up an excuse but he didn’t. However he never really made a move that night. Plus I had to leave my car at my friends house which I could have stayed there and he went out of his way to drive me half an hour the next morning to go back and get it. any opinions on this would be helpful. I’m just interested to know if people think it’s worth my time or not


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