I don’t know if I should ask my sons teacher out?

Well though I’ve sensed he always looks at me with no interruptions, recently I had a misunderstanding as every so often he goes cold on me. Then he acknowledges me it’s a horrid game after flirting so much.

I have made my interest clear I made him a dessert that’s Italian as he is. Now, after this flirting he gets all the attitude toward nonchalantly dismissing me but staring from a distance and without looking sways

I adore him so much but with this I think I might take a risk I’m not sure to ask him out for a coffee. Maybe on the topic of clearing our differences? Would that come off bad?
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Thankyou to all who took time out to see and reply to me ; I have decided to maintain my dignity as i recall his email where he said he has full respect and admiration for me. I think preserving it is of importance for everyone. It will rip my heart out but I can wait for 2 years more, then I won’t be in that soup as my son would graduate from his class. Depends on so many things but the non stop eye contact is tuggging at my heart like thousand kilo tons.


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  • I have an opinion that if he ( what's his name)? goes out with you and buys you food you might think that he is madly in love with you but the way you put it out here is that he is madly in love with you when the reason is that he is not appreciative of you so please condolences.

    • I didn’t say that it’s misunderstood sorry. I said I feel strange sometimes and ok let’s say theoretically just crush n flirt stage not even one step into anything else.

      Besides I don’t really admire or look at love for being bought food. I’m not a poor despo bitch I’m damn wealthy. Fendi, Gucci or Louboutin woos me not food. So common To admire that right?

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    • I’m materialistic but I don’t show arrogance. I actually mean something substantial piques my eye and fondness.

      I over analyze and wreck my mind that will wreck my beauty.
      I feel his looks I know he looks. I know he will continue our eye fucking game.

      I get it it’s dangerous too I don’t want to sabotage the respect or his intense looks Iove it it’s like a drug.
      I don’t want to sabotage his job or my sons welfare. There is so much to lose but I was only dreaming about it.

      I don’t think I will do anything unless he steps up. I have made my reply to his into my personal space flirting. I will maintain my dignity.
      If he’s not interested in being with me it’s his loss. He would have lived like me luxuries abound and no work but pamper oneself and no worries. I would have told my parents if he was not so dim, his work will only be a matter of passion not financial compulsion.

      All I do is gym n enjoy I don’t work but I’m fortunate

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  • Flirt and agree to wait out the rest of the school year. Then he won't be your son's teacher any more.

    • True most sensible provided it even lasts

    • I’m so in love it’s disrupting me esp his long looks eye to eye intense.

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  • I say go for it, as long as he can be professional what's the harm. As for being your son's teacher that could get tricky but be nice and easygoing and it should be fine.

    • Thankyou for the kind perspective I guess I’ll just enjoy the eye contact and hope it materializes to a beautiful outcome. He had written he respects me and has the highest admiration for me , solely based on how I’m bringing up my son myself.

      I shall preserve this and wait until he decides that it’s worth pursuing maybe yes maybe never.

      I’ll just get coffee on the go for him n the lady chapherone assistant too. Maybe more dignified approach.

      It tears at me because I made that dessert just out of love for him. He flirted but I was able to only hold eye contact across the room and not lift my head to look at him , though I know he looks intensely.

      I love it so much I can’t control even how breathless it makes me.

      My way of showing it was making him beautiful pistachio ricotta mousse cake.

      Ofcourse I just had to be tad naughty with my double meaning words, telling him pour syrup all over the Italian dessert. I meant he was that ;)

    • Best of luck

    • You are sweet to wish me knowing how it affects me

  • It may be against school policy to get involved with students' parents.

    • Could be you are right but I’m sad because we exchange limitless eye contact

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    • You’re right actually I could ask it like that

    • No, that might work.

  • Better to have asked than regret not having asked later.

    • I want to ask him so badly I’m petrified

    • Yeah it's a very hard thing to do
      But you will feel better after, even if he says no. Because then you can move on, otherwise you never truly will

    • True it’s ripping my heart out

  • 0|0
    • Thanks it was rather deep and amusing

  • Hold your horses, fair maiden! There usually are strict codes against fraternization.

  • Suck his dick and get your sons grades up. Win win situation.

    • Lol omg ok I kind of wrote something along those lines in a very double edged meaning because he would come right up into my face n smile. I ve seen him stare even now he does.

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    • Ok I thought it was

    • Haha ok.

  • Why you sexually harassing a guy at his place of employment?

    • Lol I’m not harassing him I love him

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    • I’m not attacking you, as you initiated the name calling. Did I? Ask yourself why you shouldn’t require professional counseling?

      You throw it in the fighting arena with the mere mention of romance as I read your pessimism in your content you post. It’s all against romance or how a man should or would get sick of a woman.

      Doesn’t spell happy to me it spells scarred damaged crap to me loud n clear. I on the other hand am asking and hoping but have I acted on it? No

      I’m a dentist myself ok I know your types and your psycho pathological traits shout damaged! Pessimistic and depressed! You want more? You know it introspect you have time after all, pretty sure you don’t have a degree to your name to tell me what to think or hope.

      Yes I’m lonely after my ex ran away a day after I delivered our son. Ever since I have toughened up. What’s wrong in hoping?
      Ok he wants to eye fuck me im gorgeous too and rich. What can’t I offer I’m a jewel sweetheart

    • delusional...

  • yeah, cause that's a great idea


    • Ok I get it not to or to ask with disclaimer of no issues

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