He says we are just friends but cry with depression and bears when I'm gone?

I told him ill go for a coffee with another guy. he got drunk last night.

He drives me everywhere and pay for my bills. He text and call everyday. Even his coworkers and boss wanted to see me for how crazy he is for me!

What's wrong with him? What should I do?


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  • You should tell him to stop paying your bill, driving you everywhere etc. Otherwise you are just making use of him and that would be totally wrong, tell him that if it's true that you two are just friends, then he should stop doing everything for you like a dog

    • Yeah that's weird
      I just want him to be my future husband 😢

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    • Yes he is. And he is too afraid that I would date other guy I guess reason why he does everything for me. He talked about his past and fears. I told him ill support you.
      I guess we will need another talk. I should let him how amazing he is on my eyes maybe that encourages him to make the final step.

    • Yes I think that's a good idea. If you both really like each other, then you'll surley work it out. Good luck. :)

Most Helpful Girl

  • Some details you give are bad idea to tell us. They just make you sound like the bad guy.


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  • He truly loves you. The future is yours. Your life your rules. But be good and do good

  • Thats very sad


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  • You should set some boundaries upfront with him so that your guys’ relationship won’t become controlling and possessive. He should give you more freedom and respect also.


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