How to nicely ask my ex-friend with benefits to stop contacting me?

So long story short, I got into a friends with benefits arrangement with a guy I met online as I knew it would be fun and did not want anything serious at the time. All was good until a few months in I caught feelings. I told him this and to my surprise (he’s very difficult to read) he asked if I wanted to try for more and if I’d be willing to go on a date with him. He told me he would tell me a time on the day in the morning but it got to evening time and I hadn’t got a reply from him and began overthinking assuming he was going to ghost on me and told him maybe it’s best if we just leave it. I regret this as it turned out he was just busy and said he would not want to try with me as he does not like how I just assume things.

Anyway fast forward I eventually deleted him from social media to help me move on as knowing he has now changed his mind I would not want to sleep with him. When he found out I deleted him he was extremely annoyed with me, we had an argument and didn’t speak for a few weeks. He has now found a way to contact me and messages me every few days flirting and even asking me to come round which I refused. Why does he keep messaging me knowing that I don’t want to sleep with him, there are still feelings there so it is taking a lot of willpower to stop myself seeing him and if I just ignore him I feel it will just annoy him.
How to nicely ask my ex-friend with benefits to stop contacting me?
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