Is it bad if my boyfriend doesn’t text first?

We’ve been spending a lot of time together lately, like everyday for the past week + and we talked about it, he said he didn’t want to spend less time together but take a break from hanging out for a couple days. I asked if he needed space, he said he doesn’t know. That was the last time I saw him, on Thursday night and it’s now Saturday morning.

He didn’t text me all day yesterday, despite just being at home and playing his video games (I could tell because I saw him online) and around 10:30 I messaged him, just reminding him I loved him and was there for him and if he needed space I respect it. He just said “babe I don’t think I really need space” in regards to the space question. But when I said goodnight he just said that he loves me and to sleep well, but never replied after I replied to that. So if I didn’t message him we wouldn’t have talked at all, which is weird because when we’re apart we usually text at least once a day.

But he has been stressed lately apparently, and his parents came back from vacation and he’s been moody and in bad moods ever since, I know his parents stress him out sometimes but his parents have been really fun and loving recently so he has no reason to be. I know he’s stressed with life and just everything in it, he cried in my arms once about it.

im just scared, we’ve been together for 10 months and this is like just now happening. Should I still text him this morning even wishing him a good day? I can’t tell what kind of mood he’s in, it could be good but I’m not sure.


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  • It's a two way street. There should be no "one to text first". Sometimes he does, sometimes you do. And it's important you do sometimes, you have to show interest also, it can't be all one sided. Plus, if he's your boyfriend especially, these "games" should be over with.


What Girls Said 1

  • Let him alone for a moment and then you will see what happens. He will tell you in his own way his own time

    By pushing him u risk the opposite effect of what you want

    Good luck hugs

    • I texted him this morning, he replied but it wasn’t really the reply I was looking for. I wished him a good day and that I love him, he said the same back but he didn’t say he loved me back, just an inside joke we both have and it’s kind of bothering me. You think I should just not reply and see what happens? I doubt anything will happen, he can do a day without texting apparently as he has shown. I don’t want to push him, so maybe a text or 2 a day is good enough for us until I see him again. Our 11 months is tomorrow and I don’t even know if we are doing anything, I need to text to find out but I also don’t want to bother him. UGH

    • I still say let the dude alone. If you're doing something tomorrow, he will have planned it anyway already. I think you should take it easy. He will come around if that's what he wants.

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