I know he likes me, but I want him to act on it?

So this guy from my new job, I have learned more recently likes me. He used to make a point of taking the same lunch break as me, and would linger until I noticed his presence and invited him to sit with me. He asked me for my snapchat (as you do in this day) and we’ve chatted at work, getting on like a house on fire.
However, I want this to work so I really wanna help him along but don’t want to be too pushy and overbearing. I want it to go well but I don’t want to be the one making the first move.
He doesn’t message me a lot during the week, so I’m figuring, since I’ve only properly been speaking to him for 3 weeks if that, I need ways of making him think about me. I want to be in his head.
he's more than willing to talk when I message him, but I want him to want to message me. You get me?

How do I get him even more into me, and secure the deal?😂
1 y
Edit: I have approached him, and made effort. I’m just asking for a little advice as to perhaps make him more interested.
I didn’t ask this to be attacked with the ‘why don’t you as the girl try’ kinda stuff.
I know he likes me, but I want him to act on it?
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