My boyfriend doesn’t initiate things anymore?

We’ve been dating for 10 months now, and everything is good when we are in person. He usually seems happy and is affectionate and playful and sometimes very loving, he was like this maybe 4 days ago when we hung out on Sunday. I initiated the hang out, it was our 10 months and I asked if he wanted to do something, without me it probably wouldn’t have happened.

He just lags over text, when we are away he won’t text first anymore and even though I give him an entire day he doesn’t, last time was Friday and I cracked because I texted at 10 pm! And he was just at home playing video games all day I’m 100% certain. It seems like I’m the one putting effort in, he’s 16 years old and I’m 18 so it’s a different age to, and he’s a guy. Don’t get me wrong, he’s always happy seeming to hangout, always usually replies to my text (actually waiting on a reply to a goodnight text, it’s been like 9 hours) but I don’t know it’s just weird. Thoughts?


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  • The fact that he is 16 and you 18 is already a 5 years gap in terms of maturity. A guy reaches his mental maturity on the average 2 years after that of a woman.

    Also, a certain routine has nested itself into your relation and without new incentives, he will just stay at this status quo. He seems satisfied with the
    current situation.

    You will need to become active because he is less likely to be the first one to change a situation where he feels at ease.

    You must talk about your couple and what needs to be changed to give it a new start. Guide your conversation in such a way that it will seem as the inputs are coming from him.

    Also, it seems that his video games are taking the lead over your relation. Show interest into his games, even if you are not a fan, and propose to share his liking. If he sees that you like what he does in his free time, you can boost his ego and he will feel as if you are needing him.

    You can see from there what the next step should be to revive his initiatives that please both of you.

  • Ya girls do mature faster than boy tend to, so I’d say talk to him about it and communicate how you feel. Things could only go two ways... better or worse.

    • How can I go about talking to him about this? I feel weird about it, I texted him last night just a nice goodnight text and it said it delivered so I know he got it. But he didn’t answer, it’s now the morning and we are both at school, still nothing, although he has been active and posting everywhere on his social media.. what should I say if he sees it later and replies? What if he never replies at all?

    • He probably knows he got you wrapped around his finger and for that know no matter what you will most likely go nowhere. It seems like maybe he’s stuck between you and someone else? Like someone new is in his life but maybe he’s starting to get romantic feelings so he don’t know how to tell you other than just becoming distant? Talk to him ab it, when you have his full attention. If this act keeps continuing to the point where you’re not happy I’d say match his energy🤷🏾‍♀️

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