Did he ghost on me?

So I started being friends with this guys and we had a great complicity, a few stares here and there, smiles, winks, shared a few laughs together and all. We texted a very few times which I initiated first but there’s this one time where everything went downhill. I let my friends text him with my phone while I was away for a few minutes and it led to him ignoring the last text and I texted him that it wasn’t me and he still didn’t reply and ever since he literally stopped talking to me for no reason.
Except once, I saw him when I was out with my family and he started teasing me loudly in the place and I ignored him. He asked “oh so you’re ignoring me now” and I said “no you’re the one who’s ignoring me”, he replied with “I don’t know what you’re talking about. And you’re not gonna say hi to me?” So I said hi and proceeded to celebrate with my family, while having him a few meters from me staring sometimes at me, making me uncomfortable...
Ever since that day, we haven’t talked we just stared at each other or try to look the other way... it’s been awhile and I was wondering if I should go talk to him and if so would be better face to face or by text? I feel like I’m fighting for our “friendship/relationship” and I don’t know if it’s worth it at all... need help please !


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  • If you truly want to know where you stand than you will have to take that leap and talk to him, especially if he won't take the leap himself. If it be face to face or text, that all depends on the comfort level you feel around him. To me it sounds like he ghosted you and than you all ran into each other and had a really awkward moment because of it. Its easy to escape someone texting but not when your face to face.

    If its worth fighting for or not, only you can answer that question.

    It all comes down to what this relationship means to you and if you can live with or without it. All you can do is try an talk to him and if you don't succeed, than move on. Don't linger on someone who doesn't want to put in the effort themselves.


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  • nah he didn't. you just been forceful with him. scared this fool away lol


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