Why is he even with me?

my boyfriend tonight and I were sitting in the car. We joke around a lot. And I said "oh you got another girlfriend somewhere else?" And he said "fuck no. I'm not that good looking" am I not good enough for him? Was he kidding? We lost our virginities together. I always ask him about the future and he says he wants me to move in with him and is gonna pop the question later on. He always pays for me too. he's introduced me to family and friends to. But maybe he deserves better right? He said we look good together. I'm sure if a hot girl came up to him he would allow it right? I'm never good enough. these girl accounts follow his Instagram but he doesn't follow them back. He drives an hour to see me. He also liked 3 photos of girls he went to high school with Is he talking to other girls? WHY does every guy do this to me? He was even talking about names of our kids. There is so much more hotter girls. Is he interested or talking to other girls?


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  • You need to chill before your perception messes everything up.

  • If I knew that you behaved like this, spamming the same question over and over without listening to people then i would break up with you. Even though he only likes you i really hope he breaks up with you

    • You didn't answer my question

    • I have before. Your boyfriend likes these other girls better. He wants to date them.

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