Guys, Self described anonymous player types, have u and what does?

If you're a guy who's tried to run game on girls who are thick, wear black leggings and keep a poker face by ignoring looking down so she won't notice, what part makes it toughest against those girls?
  • Not 1 of those type of guys/I am, but don't try it on those kind of girls
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  • I am. Nothing
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  • I am. Big booty and thick upper legs, framed in black leggings. Can't ignore that.
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  • I am. Thick upper legs framed in black leggings
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  • I am. The poker face, unable to get through it after being unable to ignore looking down
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  • I am. The final second straining to ignore looking down before I do, knowing her booty and legs are thick in the black leggings
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