Is it WORTH it for me to ask him out?

There’s this guy I like. We’re upperclassmen in high school, so do keep that setting in mind. I am his friend. We hang out everyday, I talk to him everyday, we hang out in the same group, we’re CLOSE FRIENDS, which is the reason why this is so difficult. Please do hear me out. I don’t have the courage to ask him out yet but that’s for one (maybe more than one but mostly one) huge reason. If I ask him out, and it turns out he doesn’t like me, I won’t be crushed just because he doesn’t like me back. The awkwardness of the situation will ruin our friendship and I really don’t want that. If I can date him, great, I don’t care about what happens, but he’s a fantastic friend and I don’t want to fuck that up if he doesn’t like me. I’m going to just write out things I’ve noticed and I won’t exaggerate anything bc I want a straightforward correct answer. 1 thing he does a lot is do or say certain things loudly to try to get my attention and he looks at me when he’s doing them all the time so I know he’s trying to see my reaction. With his jokes he will also tend to look at me after telling them. He remembers the tiniest details about me that I myself forget and is always wanting access to my spam account where I, yknow, spam. He does stare at me directly in my eyes when he’s talking to me. Sometimes even when he isn’t talking to me. He takes pictures of me sometimes when I’m just like doing homework or whatever. Sometimes he does mirror my actions. Sometimes he brushes his hand against mine. He watches my snap stories first and likes my Instagram pictures, but that isn’t really a sign. There’s probably more things but that’s all I can think of right now. continued in comments !!
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Moving on to the not great signs, On the other hand he DOES text me but only really when I initiate the conversation. I’ve invited him to hang out as a group 3 times and he’s only showed up 1/3 of those times, he did justify reasons why he couldn’t come to the others, but still all he said in lieu of a rain check is “maybe we can do something during winter break?” which he also bailed on cuz of issues. [cont]
he doesn’t compliment me physically & never has even tho I’m really not all that ugly or so numerous people tell me but I don't know just is it risky to ask him out? How can I somewhat confirm that he likes me before asking him out (n no I don’t mean like asking him or his friends if he likes me cuz once again his friends are my friends) ?


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  • i think he likes you but maybe worried the same as you are , maybe you could suggest you like him more in a playful manner see how he reacts, if its positive pursue it, good luck

  • You shouldn't ask him out, but he likes you. What you should do is subtly give him signs that the feeling is mutual. I think he's afraid that if you reject him the friendship will be awkward and it won't be the same anymore.

    Initiate more physical contact, touching his shoulder or hand, send some smiley faces or something. Give him hints that you're interested and he'll think it'll be a good time to ask you out. While I believe the guy should be the one asking the girl out, the girl definetly is the one who subtly pushes him along in the right direction.

    Good luck!


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