Why would a guy propose, as if he is not interested in being in a monogamous relationship, and wants to entertain other women secretively?

My fiancé recently left evidence he is entertaining other women (at least three). First, I asked him about it. Of course he dismissed it and insisted I was wrong and just crazy. I subsequently did more investigating and confirmed he is lying to me. I never knew. I don’t know the extent of his relationship with these other women, but I do know he has taken several precautions to keep me in the dark for months. When I confronted the women, initially they each lied and claimed to not know him. There is evidence they talk and text almost daily (only when he is outside of the home), but apparently for months he would cleaned up the call logs prior to coming home. We share everything, I have never seen the phone numbers reflected on our bill, on the phone before. He keeps insisting he loves me and that I am breaking up our family. But he dismisses how hurtful his deception has been and insist I don’t need to know anything besides he “has friends and he loves me.” He does have female friends, mostly exes that are now mutual friends/associates. I have never had a problem with any friendships maintained in a respectful manner. One of his female friends (the ones he didn’t want me to know about) sent me an ugly message and said that our relationship was a joke. He keeps insisting I am blowing things out of proportion. Can he really be so naive as to think such relationships are not inappropriate and damaging to a relationship that he insists he wants?


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  • Assuming you're right, I think they call these side chicks. You are the main relationship but he wants the extra too. The text message to you sounds like a jealous snipe.

  • Because he doesn’t love or respect you


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