Why is my crush such a boring Texter?

I try to make a funny conversation with him but he goes dry after a while. Should I give up?

he never texts me first either and I have tried a week without texting him first but he still didn’t text me first.

he talks to me in person and messes with me.

i just don’t understand all the texting with your crush. I can see he is talking to other people.

He acts interested in person but a different kettle of fish when texting and to be honest he doesn’t seem to be fun now the fact he can’t make a conversation with me.

what should I do?


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  • Sounds like you'll just have to suffer like everyone else before you and talk on the phone instead of texting. What's with all the dumbass anons today.

  • That part of his brain is just not working, try and stimulate his creativity for a better convo


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