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Ok so, my friends been seeing this guy, for about 3 months. She’s 24 he’s 34 . He seems to get very jealous a lot. Like, I visited my friend, stayed over hers, we've known each other longer then she's known this guy. He seemed to get very jealous, almost demanding that they meet, saying things like 'it's the weekend, we always meet' (when they don't because he's always working), he was practically ignoring her all morning. When he did talk, he seemed to have 'forgotten' that she said she was having a friend stay over and telling her she wasn't putting him first, that he always came last, when she even invited him over, but he wasn't having it. I got the impression that he didn't want to meet any of her friends. She doesn't have that many, in her home city. He even accused her of cheating. He told her he'd been cheated on in the past, but didn't elaborate as to what.

When my friend went to another country to visit family with her family over Christmas for a week, he started playing up, saying he's looking for jobs in a Muslim country, he knows she can't go with him to another country. But, now that she's come back he's not talking about it.

The other day, he sent her a message saying 'he wants to die' because he had a bit of bad news with his uni and stuff like that regarding payments.

I feel there are signs similar to her last ex, as when she went to visit family, again, he played up, didn't trust her, lied about where he was to get a reaction out of her. Saying he was meeting this girl, she was giving him a lift to another city, that sort of thing, when he was actually in there home town. He’ll commemt on things that she’s not always wearing make up for him stuff like that


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  • Sounds to me like you're interested in your friend romantically.

    • 3d

      I am kinda , but I’m also trying to look out for her too , as her last ex was a bit of a narc

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