Guys, My neighbor was randomly there for me out of the blue. I have a crush on him. Should I show him I'm interested?

So, I will start by giving a small background of myself.
I am fresh out of a relationship and pretty vulnerable. I still love my ex. But, he doesn't want to be with me anymore.
He was my dominant and I was his submissive.
Anyway- he has been moved out for a few months now. I got into an argument with my sister about a week ago, which led to me loosing it mentally and emotionally out in the front yard. Then I heard a males voice in the distance. It was dark so it somewhat startled me. I finally realized it was my neighbor and he had both his hands out and looked me straight in my eyes and said " its okay"
I don't know what happened, but I hugged him and I hugged him really tight and cried like a baby. I felt him squeeze my arm and rub it. Something happened. He grabbed me and just held me while I cried. I'm not close to this neighbor... Or at least I wasn't till now, but I have known him for a really long time. If he hadn't walked up when he did I might have really hurt myself. I couldn't work through my emotions. I don't think he's in a relationship or married, but I'm not 100% sure about the relationship part. But, I don't think he is. Im having to stay with my parents right now so my dad walked out right after him and I hugged. My neighbor looked at me and whispered" if you need me you know where I'm at"
Its been driving me insane! I want to go thank him in person, but I'm so nervous. He has kids and there's other people typically at his house. All I can think about is how it felt when he rubbed his thumb across my arm and held me and the look in his eyes. Almost as if he needed saving too. I have never had anuthing like that happen before. I really want to go talk to him. My question is- if your a guy and you did that for a woman that was your neighbor, would it mean you were into her? He started to shiver when he hugged me and then he grabbed me up tighter. It was definitely an experience I have never had before. And if I go talk to him, any advice on what to say?


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  • I'd say try spending more time with him and get to now him and see what type of emotions he feels towards you as well and judge off of that

    • 4d

      That's a good idea. I'm just used to guys approaching me and I really want to approach him. He literally lives 50 feet away. He comes over and talks to my dad. He used to a lot more, but he recently started coming back to talk with him. I came home from the store a few days ago and he was outside talking with him. This was before everything happened. My daughter always tells him hey on our nature walks 😂 I take that as a good thing

    • 4d

      Yeah seems good haha well you can only be hopeful and see where it leads

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