Is this over for us?

My boyfriend lives in a city and we met online. We’re almost half a year but then things are getting abit blurry for us (or for me rather). He is about to move back to his hometown where he’ll get a good pay job. I’m okay with his guy friends that would start hanging out with him but there’s a spot inside me worrying that he might meet his ex-girlfriend or meet any other girl (this is possible to happen ofc, but what worries me is that i can’t do anything about it). I have a different race from him and i usually think that women in his race are really pretty. He is a very honest guy and blunt. He may come off rude sometimes when talking.
Help anyone? :(


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  • It doesn't have to be, but it depends on circumstances. How far away, do you intend to go with him, etc.

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      i have plans in being with him but i have to finish studies and i have 2 years left

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      we’re living in two different countries. almost 9hrs difference

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      Well that will definitely make it more difficult. I'm not saying don't try, but your going to have to put in a lot of extra work to make this work. Your going to have to keep your communications up and going all the time, your going to have to take every opportunity you can to visit (or vice versa) etc. in order to keep your bond intact (because that connection doesn't just exist on its own once established, it must be constantly fed and reestablished).

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