Why do some people say shaving legs is effeminate/gay for men?

Why do sometimes people say that men shaving their legs and arms is effeminate/girlie/gay while the very same people prefer shaved chest and stomach. For them shaving torso is manly bit shaving limbs is gay/effeminate!
While every masculine straight man in movies and in modelling shaved everything.
  • The act of shaving and the smooth end result seems girlie
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  • Because smooth legs and arms attracts more men than women
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  • Mostly women prefer smooth chest but natural hairy legs arms
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  • I prefer shaved everything. It's better
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  • I prefer all natural even chest.
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What Girls Said 1

  • I won't vote sorry. Because all these differs for different people and hair is there to protect your skin from sunlight. The only reason why there is such a thing is because of how society has created a standard and fixed equation of a men should behave and how a women should behave. If a guy likes to be clean and free of hair he can shaved everything. it's not gay because they do it. If i don't do does that make me a guy.

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      Very nice mature answer!👌
      by the way what's your personal preference on men?

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    • 3d

      NO preference? Even if he has very hairy body everywhere that's as okay as if he shaved everywhere smooth?

    • 3d

      I dont know I've never been with a hairy guy

What Guys Said 3

  • Probably because it's more common for women to do such things, which is why something may be considered feminine.

    There's nothing wrong with one shaving, I mean it's your own body.

    I used to have a lot of hair on my arms and legs and I started shaving it years ago, because from a really young age, I used to notice it and always thought it looked horrible and I still don't like it now - nowadays however, I only shave my upper arms and trim the rest down really low, so it looks really hairless, because I'm still insecure about it and think it looks better hairless, regardless of whether or not one works out.

    If you do happen to work out, removing body hair can bring out muscle definition too and make them look bigger and maybe more vascular, if you're veiny and big muscles are masculine, so shaving isn't always a feminine thing.

    Some male athletes do it for other reasons e. g. I've heard that sprinters do it to help them run faster, because every second counters and cyclers do it because it should help them clean cuts easier, if needed, as hair would just get in the way.

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      And all the women you were with seemed to love hairless legs?
      Did the guys day anything negative?

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    • 3d

      How often do you trim your legs and arms?

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      Legs - only when it looks like it's getting quite hairy, no one else really see's them anyway, so maybe once every few weeks or so.

      Arms - I shave the upper parts once a week and trim the rest about once a week, but sometimes leave it late and go two weeks and at one point, went three.

      It just looks better and makes me feel better.

  • Its the same reason why people flip out over girls not shaving their legs.

    Its honestly stupid that people make such a big deal over leg hair.

  • Smooth arms and legs = feminine.


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