Guys, which girl would YOU choose?

Mary- Hot, sexy, funny, popular, outgoing, never shows emotion, has a mixed reputation, you went to prom with her- but messed things up because you had anxiety. Now you see her in college and she’s even hotter and she still flirts with you. Leaving mixed messages.

Elizabeth- Met in college. Kind, good sence of humor, sexy, pretty, smart, outgoing, always happy, similar childhood, you trust her, she’s basically your best friend. You tell her about girls, friends, school, music, anything. She has a man, but you still make time to have coffee with her several times a week.

What girl do you go for? Or which are you into?
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Sorry y’all. They’re both in a relationship


Most Helpful Guys

  • I'd be more into Elizabeth, but she has a guy, so you're in the friend zone. If you want to get laid, go after Mary. You can still be friends with Elizabeth if you're doing Mary, and if Elizabeth becomes available in a few months or so, Mary will probably have been dumped you already !!

    • 7d

      Thank you. Here is a convo the guy had with Elizabeth about Mary... can you help?

      Can you help me with these conversations with my guy friend? Does he want her? Am I friend zoned? ↗

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    • 7d

      Ouuuu. Okay I can see where he wants to prove himself to Mary. Hmmm. And I guess Elizabeth is like his best friend and sister.

    • 7d

      Exactly... but he'd be too afraid to ask either of them out even if they WERE available! LOL

  • Mary sounds like a bitch who loves herself far more than anyone else ever could. Elizabeth all day long for me, but gotta get out of that friend zone


Most Helpful Girl

  • Mary. I was 100% an Elizabeth girl at first, she's kind, sexy, funny, pretty, always happy AND she's basically my best friend and we talk about everything.. okie count me in💯💯 untiiiiiiiiiiil she's already with someone..
    So I would go for Mary, she's hot, funny, popular and she's already flirting with u and u have shared history going to prom together, go for Mary!!😊😊


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