HELP SO CONFUSED? Why would someone ask you to come over and then not do anything?

Okay so I've been talking to this boy off and on lately. He always hits me up first. He asked me to come over, so I went over around 2a. m. We didn't do anything sexual. All we did was watch Netflix and sleep lol. Then in the morning we woke up and just slept all the day. He didn't tell me when to leave, so I left around 3p. m. I'm just really confused because I've heard he's kinda of a player, but yet didn't try anything last night. He would just look at me and smile. Also, he would just poke me and mess around but nothing else besides that. I just don't know what to think lol. Help please!


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  • well some guys (I like to hope) know that sex isn't all that girls want to do, and so some of us (maybe not many) aren't 'always' in the mood for sex. That being said, it's also sometimes a nice change of pace to just chill with someone who's company we enjoy.

  • He might seriously just want a companion and if you haven't been telling him you want to do him then he might not see you in that light


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