What does it show by all these compliments and comments?

Hi, what does it show by all these compliments and comments? Is he just being nice or he is into me?

I have a male colleague whom we text each other more than talk face to face. From what I observed, he's quite a shy person. He doesn't give eye contact but looked at the ground when we speak in person face to face... Ever once he fidgeted when we speak with each other and looked away. I tried to look at him and I think he realized and he tried looked at me a while but then looked away again...

Though this is so, a few occasions he complimented me in person that I looked pretty and stylish in my clothes and that I can match my clothes well.

In text messages he ever once told me I am really funny and gave me 7 'Ha' and 4 😂. At times, he will also say I am sweet and nice. He used some emoticons when text me which I am also a person who likes to use emoticons. Guys seldom use emoticons in text from what I know?

However, he never ever initiate hangout or conversation in person. Just hello and a few words if we pass each other. He ever told me he's a very introverted person. From what I see he's more interactive in text than in person.

He is not always smiling wide but sometimes he do when he sees me. But if its face to face speaking, it would even be less smiling... not sure is it because we usually talk about work if in person.


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  • My guess is he likes you but it's super shy and is scared he will scare you away. He rather stay friends then risk losing you


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