I have been getting a lot of male attention and it's troubling me to the point of boys getting angry at me for rejecting them. How do I stop it?

It has ruined my relationship with my boyfriend because this guy said he wanted to kiss me and I said no. Another guy got salty because I rejected him and now there are a lot of bad rumors about me. A few days ago I almost got raped. Why is it like this?


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  • You need to report any and all forms of harrassment to the police, be it slander or sexual assault. This is not okay, even more so because you are underage.

    • Okay, I will. But I do not want people to know about it.

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  • Pack around some pepper spray and dont be afraid to use it, just tell whoever you want to fuck off and if they dont back down just spray them

  • Report it how did u almost get raped apart from that all u can do is learn self defence and ignore them

    • Yeah, I guess self-defence would help. I do not know why all these guys are there. Why am I attracting these people? Why is it not happening to my friends?

    • No way to know maybe u are just what they like in a women again you can't really stop it just optimise you're chances of defending you're self if somthing was to happen

  • Stop leading guys on then. It's as simple as that.
    I know you're probably one of those girls that feeds off male attention but yes it hurts boys feelings and they get angry in return.


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