I was rambling this to my crush who isn't into me, do you think I sound desperate?

My crush isn't into me, he seems embarrassed to say it explicitly.. He knew i liked him he told me before he knew that he's not ready for a relationship yet he still texted me as friends and it hurts me.. He wasn't interacting properly when i texting openly spontaneous random text or when i indirectly texted about my feelings,
To break the ice i texted him this:

" i'm always overthinking and worried when i text you whether i'm saying something inappropriate or embarrasing, i hate wanting anyone's validation.. I will only let people who love me in my life to have a peace of mind, if i had a friend i feel she doesn't care about me as much i care about her i would forget her as time's passing by. I'm not expecting you to like me back by keeping you as my friend for awhile, you will have a better match".
Then i cut him off.

Is this would push him away forever?
Is showing him that he's making me feel insecure wrong?


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What Guys Said 2

  • He is not making u feel insecure lol but if u was not able to stay friends cutting ties is fair enough



What Girls Said 1

  • You were right to tell him how you felt.


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