Girls, I like trampling specially under high heels but afraid to ask girls. I asked on facebook but mostly girls think it weird. How to convence girl?

So I've recently taken an interest to trampling. I've never had an true trampling because I've never been able to ask anyone. I've manipulated situations to get stepped on but I want to ask a gager girl to actually try out trampling with me, specifically in pointed pencil heels. Since I'm not really in a relationship and never have been, I'd be ok with like just a hand trample or tummy trample because it doesn't require as much of a relationship as full body. I don't care about the pain delivered by ur heels. I would love it u happily admit to pin holes into my tummy and puncture my tummy by heels and even kill me (lol). I would love if u reply here in cruel attitude. Or u can crush me like an insect under ur heels. Choice is urs. I would love it. Plzz. I beg for this.


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  • The man I'm with likes this too LMAO

    • 4d

      Would u do this with me plzz? Like em bug crushing me under ur heels.

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    • 3d

      In real I would have kissed ur feet.. lol

    • 3d

      @Anonymous I red ur questn. Yes I think some of the people here in India love women's feet. Sry didn't read it.

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