Could he like me? Or am I just a friend?

I’ll just give a list of what this guy does to me

1. Teases me the most out of my friend group
2. Get’s very competitive with me
3. Offered me a car ride home. Twice so far.
4. Reply’s to my text a lot in the group chat
5. We’re the only two in the group chat to have a pretty lengthy conversation. (Just recently we talked about how hard grabbing a vagina would be compared to a dick.)
6. Acts extra friendly whenever I see him at work (I guess he’s just doing his job but it’s still sweet.)

1. Three times, he’s asked someone to go to the movies with him. Every time he asked, literally no one responded, and I kept saying I’ll go with him. He eventually complied and asked what day I was available. But when the time came close for us to see it, I texted him if he was still up for it and he replied with “Bet!”. That was it. He didn’t give a time or anything.. I guess I could of texted him what time he wanted to go, but the fact that he kept asking someone to go with him and me replying with the same response, made me feel like he really didn’t want to go with me.. and I didn’t want to bother or annoy him about it.


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  • Sounds like u need to do some flirting and find out. Maybe dress a little skimpy and see if his eyes wander. Then give him a huh and see if his heart is beating hard. Dialated pupils are also signs of attraction.


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